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    Time effective classes
    Spend only 2-3 hours a week to complete homework at any convenient time
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    Affordable ingredients
    All the recipes only contain ingredients that can be easily found in offline and online stores
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    Impressive results in one take
    Very detailed video classes, along with 24/7 support from our tutors will guide you within the course
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    Opportunity to earn a living
    You will learn how to make desserts and cakes that can definitely attract new clients
You will learn how to make desserts at a professional level
the most popular and legendary recipes only in 9 weeks
More than
«Everyone can cook at a professional level»
- Polina Filimonova, the course creator
One of the most famous pastry chefs in Europe – more than 1,1 M followers on the main Instagram profile. More than 300k followers on the main YouTube channel
Made thousands of desserts, had more than 50 000 students online and more than 500 students offline
Newly created Instagram account for English-speaking followers:
1,4 М
How many times did you think that making desserts was too complicated and definitely not for you?

Here we will challenge this statement!

My students and I have made a huge number of amazing desserts and cakes over the years.

Now, I may say with certainty that everyone can learn how to make spectacular desserts, even if they have never done it before or don’t know how to turn on the oven. The main things are the right teachers and your willingness to learn.

If you truly want to upgrade your pastry skills, I can guarantee that already in 2 months you will surprise others with your progress in pastry. Moreover, you may fall in love with this hobby and turn it into profitable business.

Course creator and CEO of Pauline School
Programme of the course has already been approved by more than 50 000 successful students
9 classes which include detailed videos and text-based PDF recipes: from simple to complex, you will get a lot of pastry life hacks and professional tips
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«The videos are professionally made and easy-to-follow. I learned a lot. Thank you, Pauline School and her team. Highly recommended!»
Review by Martini Pieroelie, Indonesia:
Surprise your loved ones with amazing desserts from the first class!
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«My favourite parts were cheesecakes' and macarons' classes. I learned so much. Thank you!»
Make natural and high-quality desserts for your family and friends!
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We even have people with kids studying with us on regular basis
  • – 01 –

    All the classes are pre-recorded
    You can watch them at any convenient time using your phone or laptop
  • – 02 –

    All the classes are pre-recorded
    You can watch them at any convenient time using your phone or laptop
  • – 03 –

    All the classes are pre-recorded
    You can watch them at any convenient time using your phone or laptop
You already have 80% of ingredients and equipment for your spectacular desserts at home!

You can find all the ingredients in your kitchen or in the closest grocery store.

Some unusual ingredients can be ordered online in advance or replaced with other ingredients recommended by the course programme.
List of ingredients
– Oven, baking pan
– Large mixing bowl
– Electric hand-held or stand mixer (from 500W)
– Silicone whisk
– Flexible spatula
– Thin sharp serrated cake knife (e.g., for bread or just a large one)
– Round cake mould for sponge (adjustable ring of 16-18 cm is recommended)
– Piping tips (if you are not sure which ones to buy, we will recommend certain types later in the course)
– Piping bags (we prefer single-use ones)
You will need
If you don’t have something, it’s okay! We will explain how you can replace it

No food waste – you’ll get it right on the first try
All the recipes have been tested multiple times, it’s almost impossible to fail
Easy-to-follow and detailed description that absolutely everyone can follow
Tutors will answer all your questions within five minutes from the moment you send them – 24/7, seven days a week
They will make everything possible to help you through the course till the very end
They are proud of the progress they made
Following the course completion, you will get a personal
Certificate is one of the most important things for every pastry chef, especially if you decide to make desserts for clients
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