Learn how to make fresh citrus cake with detailed video-tutorial by Pauline right in your home kitchen
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Easy-to-make and very fluffy lemon sponge that can become a base for any cake if you simply remove the zest.
Two fillings that look perfectly when you cut the cake and fit together like no others: orange jelly and lemon curd.
Frosting cake decor with flowers and patterns that can be easily done and does not require any expenses. The simplicity and showiness of this design will surprise anyone from clients to your friends and family.
It's easier than you think! Why?
Detailed video-tutorial with all the steps of cake making
Play the videos in the class and cook together with Pauline
Class is divided into several stages, so you could understand all the processes precisely
Access the full list of ingredients and equipment not to miss anything
Hello, dear friends!
I'm Polina Filimonova, but everyone knows me as Pauline Cake. I'm the founder of Pauline School which has more than 80,000 students from 100 different countries and more than 1M followers on Instagram.
My two great passions are making desserts and teaching. Being from a small town in Siberia, I started as a home baker with no clue what to do and turned my hobby into a profession. My school has several courses, but most of them are for beginners who want to develop their pastry skills. The best way to start doing it is to begin with a simple cake! Hope that our detailed video tutorials and several recipes proven by thousands of students will help you to join our baking community.
Let me guide you through this amazing path of becoming a true pastry chef, and I promise, you will enjoy the process to the fullest!
I’m Pauline and I will teach you how to make tasty cakes in no time!
Listen to your heart
or to the reviews my students who already took our classes left on the website!

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I learnt a lot, thank you Pauline School
Everything Pauline provided within video tutorials was super helpful
I'm so happy to be a part of Pauline School
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