Free online class with Polina Filimonova

Freelance Pastry Chef
Start making modern desserts and earn a living by doing something you love even if you are feeling insecure about your baking skills or have never done it before
top pastry chef, blogger
with more than 1M followers
Polina Filimonova
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What will you learn within the class?
Where to start your path a pastry chef and how to make money by baking
How to save up to 50% on buying equipment that is necessary for every pastry chef

How to start making beautiful decor for your cakes and other desserts

How to make amazing food photos using my phone only even if you do not like the inside of your flat
How to attract first clients if only have 100 followers and do not have any money for ads

What to do if baking is not working for you and you cannot get any orders from clients

This class is perfect for you if
You can make tasty desserts but you do not like the way they look
and you cannot make food photos that will sell your desserts through the screen
You have learnt how to make stylish desserts but cannot find any clients
You want to make desserts to order but you are afraid of not meeting the expectations of your customers

You have been trying to change your occupation but could not actually achieve it
You want to become a pastry chef and make money by baking but do not know where to start
You just want to learn
how to make delicious cakes & desserts
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and get a pdf file with TOP-4 home recipes collection 2021 by Pauline
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Speaker for the class:
Polina Filimonova
Founder of the leading online school for pastry chefs in Europe

More than 80k students that started making desserts from scratch

Most popular pastry chef in Russia (1.5 million Russian & international followers on Instagram)
If you made at least one dessert and posted one photo on social media - you have enough skills to grow

Everything else can be achieved by watching our classes and reading useful pastry tips by Pauline School :)
You do not have to be a pastry chef who can make tasty and stylish desserts and photograph them professionally
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