Our Commitment to Privacy
Our Privacy Policy was developed as an extension of our commitment to
combine the highest quality products and services with the highest level of
integrity in dealing with our customers and partners. The Policy is designed to
assist you in understanding how we collect, use, disclose and safeguard
personal information, and to assist you in making informed decisions, when
you access this website (“our Website”), when you purchase products and
services on our Website, or when you otherwise participate in an online
program or service through our Website. This statement will be continuously
assessed against new technologies, business practices, and our customers’
1. What Information Do We Collect?
When you visit our Website, you may provide COURSE CLOUD LLC
with two types of information: (1) personal information you knowingly choose
to disclose, which is collected by us on an individual basis, and (2) website
use information collected on an aggregate basis as you and others browse our
Website. The latter type of information may be considered personal
information to the extent it identifies you as an individual.
(1) Personal Information You Choose to Provide
If you choose to access the Website and/or to purchase certain products or
services from us, you may need to give personal information and/or
authorization for us to obtain your personal information from various
third-party sources, such as credit reporting agencies and other credit
services. For example, you may need to provide the following information:
Mailing address
Email address and other email information
Credit card number and other information
Personal phone number
Credit or debit card information
Other personal information
If you choose to correspond further with us through email, we may retain the
content of your email messages to us together with your email address and
our responses. We provide the same protections for these electronic
communications that we employ in the maintenance of information received
through our Website or by mail and telephone.
In addition to providing the foregoing information, when you enroll in our online
programs, we collect certain additional personal information, including, but not
limited to: which courses you have started and completed, your exchanges
with instructors and/or other users of the courses, and materials submitted to
satisfy program requirements.
(2) Website Use Information
We may collect certain types of information electronically when you interact
with our Website, emails, social media accounts, online advertising or through
technologies. The information helps us understand what actions you take on
the Website and allows the Website to work correctly.
Similar to other commercial websites, our Website utilizes a standard
technology called “cookies” (see explanation below, “What Are Cookies?”) and
web server logs to collect information about how our Website is used.
Information gathered through cookies and web server logs may include the
date and time of visits, the pages viewed, time spent at our Website, and the
websites visited just before and just after our Website. This information is
collected on an aggregate basis. None of this information is associated with
you as an individual.
What Are Cookies?
Cookies are a feature of web browser software that allows web servers to
recognize the computer used to access a website. Cookies are small pieces of
data that are stored by a user’s web browser on the user’s hard drive. Cookies
can remember what information a user accesses on one webpage to simplify
subsequent interactions with that website by the same user or to use the
information to streamline the user’s transactions on related webpages. This
makes it easier for a user to move from webpage to webpage and to complete
commercial transactions over the Internet. Cookies should make your online
experience easier and more personalized.
How Do We Use Information We Collect from Cookies?
We use website browser software tools such as cookies and web server logs
to gather information about our Website users’ browsing activities, in order to
constantly improve our Website and better serve our customers. This
information assists us to design and arrange our webpages in the most
user-friendly manner and to continually improve our Website to better meet
the needs of our customers and prospective customers.
Cookies help us collect important business and technical statistics. The
information in the cookies lets us trace the paths followed by users to our
Website as they move from one page to another. Web server logs allow us to
count how many people visit our Website and evaluate our Website’s visitor
capacity. We do not use these technologies to capture your individual email
address or any personally identifying information about you, although they do
permit us to send focused online banner advertisements or other such
responses to you.
Tracking Options
Certain websites require cookies to function efficiently. We may use cookies to
deliver advertising we believe is relevant to you and to link data collected
across other devices you use. You can adjust your settings to limit tracking or
decline cookies, but, as a result, you may not be able to use certain features
of this Website or take full advantage of all of our offerings. Please refer to
your device or browser settings for more information on how to delete or
decline cookies and control your tracking preferences.
Collection Through Other Technologies, Third-Party Agencies, and Tracking
We may collect personal information through the following other technologies:
Online Interest-based Advertising. We may also allow a limited number of
trusted third parties, including our advertising agencies to install cookies on
your hard drive from our Website. The Website may include third-party
advertising and links to other websites which may be used to generate
personalized advertisements. Personalized ads, sometimes referred to as
interest-based or behavioral ads, are ads based upon information about you,
such as your page views on our Website, your information requests or
purchases on the Website. We do not provide any personal information to
advertisers or to third party sites that display interest-based ads on our
Website. However, advertisers and other third parties (including the ad
networks, ad-serving companies, and other service providers they may use)
may assume that users who interact with or click on a personalized ad or
content displayed on our Website are part of the group that the ad or content
is directed towards. Advertisers or ad companies working on their behalf
sometimes use technology to serve the ads that appear on our Website
directly to your browser. They may also use cookies to measure the
effectiveness of their ads and to personalize ad content. We do not have
access to or control over cookies or other features that advertisers and third
party websites may use, and the information practices of these advertisers
and third-party websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Please contact
them directly for more information about their privacy practices. You can also
generally opt-out of receiving personalized ads from third-party advertisers
and ad networks who are members of the COURSE CLOUD LLC.
Google Analytics: Our advertising agencies may use Google Analytics, which
allows them to see information on user website activities, including, but not
limited to, page views, source and time spent on our Website. This information
is depersonalized and is displayed as numbers, meaning that it cannot be
tracked back to individuals. You may opt out of our use of Google Analytics by
visiting the Google Analytics opt-out page.
Third-Party Social Networks: Third-party social networks that provide
interactive plug-ins to enable social network features (e.g., to connect to
Facebook) on the Site may use cookies to gather information on your use of
the Site. How this collected data is used by a third party is dependent on the
privacy policy of the social network, which is available on the appropriate
parties’ website. ABC encourages you to review the privacy policies of third
parties as well. Third parties involved may use these tracking methods such
as but not limited to cookies to achieve their own business goals and
purposes by relating and combining information about your usage of the Site
to any other personal information they may have collected on you. ABC may
also obtain and use analytical and statistical information from third-party social
networks to help it measure performance and effectiveness of content
displayed by ABC on social networks, for example, by measuring impressions
and clicks on the content ABC promotes.
Google Ads: ABC uses Google Ads Remarketing to advertise ABC across the
Internet and to advertise on third-party websites (including Google) to previous
visitors to the Site. Google Ads remarketing will display ads to you based on
what parts of the Site you have viewed by placing a cookie on your web
browser. It could mean that ABC advertises to previous visitors who haven’t
completed a task on the Site or this could be in the form of an advertisement
on the Google search results page, or a website in the Google Display
Network. This cookie does not in any way identify you or give access to your
computer or mobile device. The cookie is only used to indicate to other
websites that you have visited a particular page on the Site, so that they may
show you ads relating to that page. If you do not wish to participate in ABC’s
Google Ads Remarketing, you can opt out by visiting Google’s Ads
Preferences Manager. You may delete or disable certain of these technologies
at any time via your browser. However, if you do so, you may not be able to
use some of the features on our Website.
2. How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?
We may use your personal information to provide you with our products,
services, programs and other offers, to manage our business operations, to
communicate information and offers we think might interest you, to generally
enhance your customer experience, and as otherwise permitted or required by
law. Broadly speaking, we may use your personal information for the following
to manage our business operations, including processing applications for
online courses, creating a student account, and authenticating your identify;
to respond to an inquiry, to send you materials, and to otherwise communicate
with you by email, phone or mail;
to provide customer service, products and/or services to you;
to customize the content that you see on our Website;
to conduct market research and data analytics by tracking and analyzing
current or previously collected information;
to market and otherwise make available other products and services to our
customers and prospective customers;
to notify you about important changes to our Website, new products, services
and special offers we think you will find valuable;
to meet our contractual, legal and regulatory obligations.
Notice of New Services and Changes
Occasionally, we may also use the information we collect to notify you about
important changes to our Website, new products, services and special offers
we think you will find valuable. The lists used to send you product and service
offers are developed and managed under our traditional corporate standards
designed to safeguard the security and privacy of our customers’ personal
information. As our customer, you will be given the opportunity to notify us of
your desire not to receive these offers by clicking on a response box when you
receive such an offer or by sending an email to
Limiting Use of Personal Information
Our corporate values, ethical standards, policies and practices are committed
to the protection of customer personal information. In general, our business
practices limit employee access to personal and confidential information, and
limit the use and disclosure of such information to authorized persons, for
authorized processes and transactions.
3. To Whom Do We Disclose The Information That You Provide To Us?
Sharing Information with Strategic Partners
If we enter into strategic marketing alliances or partnerships with third parties,
we will not share any personal information about our customers or potential
Do We Disclose Information to Outside Parties?
We may hire service providers, which may be affiliates, to perform services on
our behalf. This may include, without limitation, a person or an organization
retained by us to perform work on our behalf, including for marketing research,
customer service and web-related services, and quality control assessment.
We provide them with a limited amount of information which is necessary in
order for them to provide the services required. They are prohibited from using
the information for purposes other than to facilitate and carry out the services
they have been engaged to provide.
We may also disclose personal information to outside parties in the following
In connection with a sale or transfer of business or assets, an amalgamation,
reorganization or financing of parts of our business (including the proceedings
of insolvency or bankruptcy). In the event the transaction is completed, your
personal information will remain protected by applicable privacy laws. In the
event the transaction is not completed, we will require the other party not to
use or disclose your personal information in any manner whatsoever and to
completely delete such information, in compliance with applicable laws.
When legally compelled to do so in response to a law, regulation, court order,
subpoena, valid demand, search warrant, government investigation or other
legally valid request or inquiry, in other words, when we, in good faith, believe
that the law requires it or for the protection of our legal rights.
To our accountants, auditors, agents and lawyers in connection with the
enforcement or protection of our legal rights.
When we have reasonable grounds to believe that such disclosure is
reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of others and
ourselves, in accordance with or as authorized by law.
Where otherwise permitted or required to do so by law.
To the extent permitted by law, we may also provide aggregate information
about our customers, potential customers, sales, website traffic patterns, and
related website information to our affiliates or other reputable third parties, but
this information will not include personally identifiable information.
4. How We Manage Consent
By visiting our Website (including using our online services, making
purchases, creating an account or participating in an online program) and/or
submitting information to us in connection with our products and services, you
are providing your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal
information as set out in this Privacy Policy. In some cases, your consent may
be “implied” i.e. your permission is assumed based on your action or inaction
at the point of collection, use or sharing of your personal information.
We will generally obtain consent when we want to use personal information for
a new purpose or for a purpose other than those stated at the time of
collection in this Privacy Policy or in the terms and conditions of a specific
product, service, program, promotion or event you signed up for, participated
in or purchased. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time, except in limited
circumstances, including legal or regulatory requirements or as a result of your
contractual obligations with us.
If you choose not to provide us with certain personal information or if you
withdraw your consent, where such withdrawal is available, we may not be
able to offer you the products, services or programs that you requested or that
could be offered to you.
5. How Can You Access and Correct Your Information?
You may request access to your personally identifiable information that we
collect through our Website and maintain in our database, subject to legal
restrictions, by emailing us at You can also request to
update, add or remove your personal information at any time by emailing us at
the above email address. It is your responsibility to provide accurate, correct
and complete information.
6. How We Store and Safeguard Personal Information
We take the security of your personal information very seriously and are
committed to protecting your privacy by using a combination of administrative,
physical and technical safeguards implemented by us.
We employ organizational, physical and technological measures to protect the
confidentiality of personal information and to safeguard personal information
against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use
or modification, in light of, among other things, the sensitivity of the
information and the purposes for which it is to be used. These measures
include access restrictions, encryption, and personnel training concerning the
importance of preserving the privacy, confidentiality, and security of the
personal information collected. These safeguards also apply when we dispose
of or destroy your personal information.
Please be careful whenever sending personal information to us electronically.
Please note that transmissions over the Internet are never completed
protected or exempt from error. It is the reason why we cannot guarantee the
security of the information transmitted electronically since such transmissions
are conducted at your risk and peril. More specifically, an email sent to our
Website or from our Website cannot be protected. We recommend that you
keep this in mind when you determine the nature of the information
transmitted electronically. Moreover, when you use them, the protection of
your login, password and other special access elements of our Website is your
exclusive responsibility. Please ensure that they are kept confidential.
7. Retention of Personal Information
Personal information will be retained only as long as necessary for the
fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected and for which consent
was received, unless otherwise authorized or required by law. Subject to the
foregoing, personal information that is no longer required to fulfill the identified
purposes will be destroyed, erased or made anonymous.
8. Transfer of Personal Information Outside of The Country
Your personal information may be stored and/or processed by us or by our
services providers outside of your country of residence. We uses reasonable
safeguards, such as contractual requirements, to ensure that our service
providers protect your personal information wherever it is used or stored.
As a result of the foregoing, when your personal information is used, access,
stored or processed in a country other than your country of residence, it may
be subject to the laws of this foreign jurisdiction, including any law permitting
or requiring disclosure of the information to the government, government
agencies, courts and law enforcement in that jurisdiction.
9. Minors
It is neither our goal nor our intention to collect personal information
concerning persons under the age of majority in their state, province or
territory of residence without their parent or legal guardian’s consent. We do
not knowingly provide any personal information collected from such persons,
regardless of its source, to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is possible that we nevertheless collect such
information if same is provided to it.
We therefore encourage parents to inform their children about the possible
consequences of using our Website and disclosing information through the
Website. We will not assume any responsibility with respect to the use of our
Website or disclosure of information via our Website by children.
10. What About Other Websites Linked to Our Website?
We are not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to or
from our Website nor the information or content contained therein. Links to
other websites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that
may be useful to the users of our Website.
11. Changes to The Privacy Policy
We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes
that we make will become effective when we post a modified version of the
Policy on our Website. If the changes made are significant, we will provide a
more prominent notice when required by applicable laws. By visiting our
Website, purchasing a product and/or using services after the modified version
of the Privacy Policy has been posted or you have been informed of such
update, you are accepting the changes to the Privacy Policy. It is your
obligation to ensure that you read, understand and agree to the latest version
of the Privacy Policy. The “Effective Date” at the top of the Privacy Policy
indicates when it was last updated. If significant changes are expected to
occur in our Privacy Policy, we will notify the applicable students in advance
and provide a mechanism to opt in or out of these changes.
12. How to Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding our data collection and data protection
practices or this Privacy Policy, or those of our service providers, or if you
have a complaint in connection with matters relating to this Privacy Policy, you
can contact our Privacy Officer at the following coordinates:
405 Kerry Drive
Clearwater, FL. US 33765