TOP 3 most popular Valentine's day desserts that even beginner pastry chefs can make
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VALENTINE'S DAY desserts online course
Big public holidays have always helped pastry chefs find new customers and provide a monthly income in a couple of days

We have compiled an up-to-date course, where there are only three desserts that are very fond of ordering for Valentine's Day.
So confectioners will be able to prepare for the holiday

And if you are not a pastry chef, you will be able to please your soulmate with a dessert that you made yourself, or you will even be able to make dessert together and get new impressions from cooking together
This course is for:
You don't know how to bake but you want to pick up the art of pastry making and get a new income source
You want to find an interesting hobby that will become your island of calm and help you avoid anxiety and rut
This course includes the perfect desserts that you can make as a gift or spend the time making them with your partner
The course plan:
Learn how to bake the most trendy cake for two
Class 1. Bento cake Blackcurrant & chocolate
  • All classes have detailed video tutorials that you can watch at a convenient time
  • Text recipes
  • 6-month access to the class
Buy the course now to get gifts:
Macarons class
PDF recipe Strawberry Vanilla Bento Cake
Class 3. Cupcakes
A popular desserts for any celebration. You can make a set of 2 cupcakes as a Valentine's Day gift
Perfect cake decor for couples in love
Class 2. Cake with chocolate and isomalt
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