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Raspberry Cloud cake
Try out the combination of rich chocolate sponge, raspberry mousse that melts in your mouth and adds a little sourness, along with fluffy and stylish marshmallows in one cake. Complete the recipe with vanilla cream cheese frosting and chocolate drips on top, covered with a mound of marshmallows.
citrus cake
Easy-to-make lemon sponge that can become a base for any cake. Two fillings: orange jelly and lemon curd.
Frosting cake decor with flowers and patterns that can be easily done and does not require any expenses. The simplicity and showiness of this design will surprise anyone.
Caramel Apple Cake
Very fluffy sponge with apple creates a perfect combination with apple bits in caramel and spice cream cheese frosting.
Besides, you will try making very impressive but minimalistic cake decor that consists of caramel drips, figs and dried flowers.
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